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Monica Mendez - BTS Pinupfiles Shoot 1

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Added: September 25, 2017
Runtime: 05:05
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  • 2 years ago, @Kissacowboy said: I've waited to ask so many things while knowing all along my feelings for you are way past any stage of puppy love or the complete opposite to fuck you good and forget you. I'm completely in the middle that I so intensely love you. Some girls can't handle a guy that loves them. Yep my love I love you very much and will stand at your side to support any and decision you might make. To see you grow and achieve your dreams and to reach for new ones. Will be exciting and never would I hold you back from anything Dreams, you are my lovely that I hope and feel could be around for a long time. And that means for both of us to beat the odds and shows our friends what read l love and a partnership or maggae is all about I don't quite and never to give up to bring you happiness and love. Yes baby it can and does happen to some special people that are very much in love. Hey sorry for I said the M word Marriage, I would in a heart beat to marry you if we both together feel and know we're inseperable.
  • 2 years ago, @Kissacowboy said: Beautiful Angel, may I ask you in not to bug you but understand. It's two part questions. Do you have children? Would you like to have children or maybe one beautiful little girl to become your shopping buddy. If you like to shop please let me know for our first t time could I arrange something special.
  • 4 years ago, @somendez said: Hello Monica, you are so sexy, but no more tatoos, please. Big kisses.

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